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Nehru Nagar
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Posted on Mon 20 Sep 2010

The bigger the hospital the lower the hospitality...specially once all the money work is completed....
My dad is suffering from Brain tumor (meningioma). The doctors adviced to go for a radiation surgery (GAMMA KNIFE) that costed us 1 Lakhs and 80 thousand rupees. We were told he will be ok asap. We were never told what all will be the implications of this treatment. After the treatment is done, we were being adviced different set of medicines by the doctors of same hospital. And were left to ourselves to decide to which doctor to chose. I believe they should understand the basic fact that the patient and family is already too tensed and they both belong to same hospital. They need to talk and give us a result of their discussion of the case as medicine. They cant put that on us to decide what medicine to eat. Then its almost a year that the treatment is done and my dad is just our of his senses. He was much much much better before the treatment.

Doctors- please have some heart and discuss amongst yourselves and give good suggestions to all. Its not ALWAYS money.
Nothing can happen to our dad now, but I want to let everyone beware before reaching this hospital.

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