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  •   Ram KProduct - Washing Machine-VF65CPSL Careen Plus

    Very Efficient - Videocon Careen Plus
    Posted on Wed 24 Nov 2010

    The new range of Videocon washing machines is definitely easy on the back. The Videocon Front Loading Washing Machine “Careen Plus” has more to offer compared to other washing machines

    I have a bad back and switched to this machine only because of its ergonomic design - the inside drum is at an angle to facilitate easy loading and removal of clothes.

    If I remember right, the dealer mentioned that this technology also uses water and detergent more effectively or in other words, there is less wastage of the same.

    The official website says the machine is \\\'India’s first washing machine with tilt drum and direct drive technology’. I have been using it for a month now and it runs smoothly, makes much lesser noise than my old washing machine.

    I dug out my brochure and this is what it says ‘Unlike conventional washing machines, Direct Drive Technology is directly attached to the drum’ eliminating the belt and pulley– this reduces wear and tear and the machine ends up using much less power and yup, I know for a fact it definitely has less vibration!

  •   Ram KProduct - Split AC-Vita Air AC VKS55

    Videocon Split AC - Quite Impressive
    Posted on Thu 12 May 2011

    I recently heard about Videocon’s new range of Split ACs with Vita Air technology. Vita Air? I wondered whether it meant that it dispenses vitamins in air, which practically seems impossible because for a feature like this to have some device/ Vitamin filled bag etc. So, with these unanswered questions in my mind I bought it!

    Of the range that features 11 Looks available in three series - Vita Plus, Vita Max and Vita Prima, I zeroed in to Vita Prima, with due help of the dealer. The dealer went gaga and told me various unique features of the range of ACs. Once installed, with its amazing looks it blended so very well with the interiors of my room that now it seems as if it was a part of the very thought of interior designing. The Vita Air feature releases Vitamin C ions and thereby boosts the immunity of users. The new range of Vita Split ACs also comes with Epoxy Gold Coating on the fins of evaporator. This unique coating has active components which keeps ac in good working conditions.

    One thing that strike me the most is the fact that the Vita Split AC range also comes with 100% Copper Pipes. I wondered what benefit it would bring to an AC. This component is responsible for the defining the durability of the machine, and copper element reduces the extent of corrosion and installation hassles apart, increasing the ease of maintenance of your AC.

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